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McLain has earned new nicknames lately: Mayor and Guvna (you know, cockney, as in ‘ello guvna) are a couple of the most-used. He is 16 months old, and he’s now entering the play stage that involves moving figurines in and around human scenarios and structures. For example, loading up the plastic pirate ship one by one, and placing little guys and girls at desks in the Fisher-Price school house.

We simply call this type of play People, as we did when Jackie was in that stage. It’s like McLain is starting to understand the fun in simulating human activities. He also seems capable of focusing his attention; it now takes him about five minutes to make a substantial mess, rather than his minute-and-a-half average a couple of months ago.

I doubt that it’s coincidental that his language has started to flourish recently as he rules over the micro-societies in our house. He attempts, on request, to repeat word cominations like Brussels sprouts and basketball goal, but he probably has a working vocabulary of about 25 words at this point.

Here’s a short video of him dealing with a track obstruction on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe.

Note: Don’t miss the ineffective tap to Robah’s snout at the 0:08 mark.


Image from Raleigh

Urban dirt-biking

I took this post-apocalyptic picture outside Jones Barber Shop in Raleigh last year.