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According to the ultrasound today (images are shown below), all systems are go for baby Jones. She/he has now surpassed six centimeters, so her/his length is about the same as the width of my iPhone. If you click on the first image posted below and view the larger image size, you’ll see that she/he already seems to have Katie’s nose. Katie has been feeling fairly good lately except for some nagging allergies.

We’ve just begun deliberating about potential names for the child. There will be plenty of future debate, since Katie and I have only agreed on the family names that we’ve had in mind for awhile now. Speaking of family names, we’re probably going to let Robah keep his.

May 29 Ultrasound image 1

May 29 Ultrasound image 2


Katie had her first ultrasound a couple of weeks ago; the images below are our first looks at Baby Jones. As you can see she/he still relies on a knapsack full of sustenance during this early stage. She/he is only about 2 cm, and her/his appendages are just starting to take form.

By the way, Dr. Spock said that it’s perfectly normal for expecting parents to have a preference when it comes to the child’s sex, so I don’t feel bad about sharing our partiality with our family and friends. For the record, Katie wants a boy and I want a girl. Oh, and we’re both much too impatient to wait until the baby is born to know the sex.

Until now, I’ve always been reluctant to start my own blog. I never felt like the time and effort would produce anything newsworthy or interesting to anyone else. In fact, my initial reaction to blogs was similar to my first reaction to Twitter when I read about it early in 2007: my life is not quite fascinating enough on a daily basis to provide me with routine material to post.

I have friends who rave about Twitter, and I can truly see the appeal of checking in on the people closest to you. At the same time, I know that Twitter is not right for me. My social networking urges take a back seat to my personal privacy.

I like the idea of starting a new habit in conjunction with a life change. Katie and I are expecting a child in December. Since we have the life change all lined up for the end of the year, my new writing habit is maintaining this blog. The blog will have three purposes, which are priority-ranked in the following list:

  1. To communicate baby updates to our family and friends
  2. To document my family’s experiences for our posterity
  3. To share my personal thoughts on current events, music, technology, sports, books, and art

Image from Raleigh

Urban dirt-biking

I took this post-apocalyptic picture outside Jones Barber Shop in Raleigh last year.