The three purposes of this blog are:

  • To communicate family updates to our extended family and friends
  • To document our family’s experiences for our posterity
  • To share my personal thoughts on music (mostly) and other interests (occasionally)

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, with my wife Katie, who I love to no end. We had our first child, Jackie, in December of 2008. We had our second child, McLain, in September of 2010. We’re developing together and trying to be the best family we can be.

90% of the content on this blog is focused on these two incredible kids. You’ll notice that I usually make posts to pander to my core audience; the young lives of my children are fun to document, and most of the audience of this blog consists of their mother, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends who care.

Baxter and Robah are the odd couple part of our family – they are our two high-energy, high-adorability dogs, who we anthropomorphize on a daily basis. Baxter is the reclusive, intense type, whose athletic prowess and tunnel vision earn him more jealous enemies than admiring friends. Robah has a real down-home, country-like affability. He’s never met a stranger, and he doesn’t think too hard about problems he can’t solve.

Oh, and the title of this blog is somewhat relevant to the purposes stated above. It’s a line from a Ween song, and although it might not have the same meaning out of the original context, I think it fits our lives during our transition from dogs to kids and dogs. We’ve spent lots of time and money on these two animals, but when Jackie arrived their status around our house was immediately downgraded. When McLain arrived, they were demoted again.

Don’t feel too sorry for them — they still get ear-scratches, hugs, treats, and exercise (jogs, walks, frisbee sessions, or tennis ball playtime) on a daily basis. Plus, they aren’t sulking about having a new sister. I think they know that we love her, and they too will love her when she starts toddling around all over the place. Dogs are cool like that, and even though we’ve spent the dog food money on diapers, they love us just the same.

Here are the male members of the crew. Believe me, the female members are more attractive.