We had a great weekend with Nana, and we even introduced Jackie to some of the Watson family at a gathering in Burlington. I’ll post on the weekend events a little later in the week when I have time to go through video and pics. In the meantime, I wanted to give quick propers to Baxter and Robah (so I can look back on this someday soon when they chew up a shoe or dig a big hole).

The baby is really getting settled in, and so are her canine brothers. It’s funny to see how much closer they are now — literally closer, as in their proximity to each other in and around the house, and emotionally closer in terms of their relationship. A couple of months ago, Baxter wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out in the same space as Robah. Now, they often sit side-by-side.


I even caught them sunbathing earlier in the week. They reminded me of high-school BFFs checking out the action at the community pool during summer vacation.