Jackie had her two-month check up with her pediatrician the other day, which can easily be described in two parts.

The first part was the good part. They weighed and measured her while Katie and I looked on, eager to hear the results. We realize that these numbers are simply a snapshot of her as an infant, and not any kind of indication of future growth, but it’s always fun to quantify her development. Here are some stats and their parenthetical percentile rankings:

Weight: 12.75 lb. (90th)

Height: 24.75 in. (98th)

Noggin circumference: 16.8 in. (99th)

Of course, no one at this house is “keeping score” or “comparing babies” or even “emphasizing baby benchmarks”, but Katie and I were pleased with the doctor’s evaluation. It means that she’s eating and growing well. And, she has a big head like her old man.

The bad part of the doctor’s appointment involved her two-month vaccination. Three needle stabs, several baby screams, and one distraught mommy later, we headed for home.

Finally, here is some assorted video footage that shows off her newly-extended vocal range: