I’m thrilled to announce a new addition — Katie and I are eagerly expecting our second child on September 20.

Our first child has really taken the news in stride. When we ask whether she wants a brother or sister, Jackie seems indecisive. Sometimes she answers brahna. On other occasions, her response is sahsuh, or something similar. But, most of the time she says she prefers to have a cahkah, which is her word for cracker.

The little cahkah in the womb was measuring 1.3 cm at 7.5 weeks and the heart rate was 154. A week later, during our check up today, the cahkah was already at 2.1 cm. The doctor reminded us that second children are usually larger, and I noticed Katie cringe a little (bless her heart).

Speaking of blessing her heart, the first couple of months of this second pregnancy have been rough for Katie. We’ll all be glad to reach that 12-week milestone when the some of the worst symptoms will probably start to dissipate.

Here are a couple of early ultrasound images from last week.

Jackie's little sibling, aka "cahkah"

Actually, she or he resembles an animal cahkah at this early stage